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At Alphab Global Research, patient care is the most important factor in the service we provide. We hold patients’ safety as our top-priority and we pride ourselves in our adherence to the highest standard of care. We are committed to balance scientific objectives with patient goals. Our mandate is to provide early involvement of clinical trials in neuroscience and behavioral research to our diverse patient communities.

These clinical trials offer hope for many people plus an opportunity to receive new treatments that may not yet be available to the general public. Results of study participation may help others benefit in the future from the new knowledge gained and contribute to the process of drug discovery. We offer many opportunities to participate in cutting edge research studies. These range from new treatments for many different conditions to studies of healthy volunteers that might give insights into brain function and mental processes.

Alphab Global Research

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We are supported by our dedicated board-certified physician investigators with more than 30 years of research experience. Additionally, our professional operational team has decades of experience in clinical trials. Our consultants have a wealth of experience providing a diverse range of medical treatments in many therapeutic areas. Our team provides comprehensive services for Phase 1 through 4 clinical trials including interventional, medical device, diagnostic and neuroimaging studies for pharmaceutical registration trials and post marketing studies.

We are actively seeking new pharmaceutical clients, federal agencies and foundations, and welcome the opportunity to establish long-term professional relationships with them. We offer successful conduct of outpatient clinical trials providing quality data in compliance with industry standards and international guidelines. We promote active in-house training, enhanced quality patient recruitment and retention through peer to peer interaction and attention to detail.


We share the mission to contribute to scientific, and mental health and wellness by providing best patient care through participation in clinical research. We are driven to embrace the study’s scientific rationale, its impact on us and our patients.


Our vision is to be a first choice provider and partner in the management of clinical trials in neurology and behavioral medicine. Working closely with our clients and volunteers, we want to move forward with a spirit of optimism, open to new ideas, new experiences, and new possibilities. Optimism and vision allow us new options to consider improving quality of life for our patients. It allows us to look to the future to create the best chances of achieving a successful clinical trial.

Alphab Global Research

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